May 19, 2010

Kyuki ET ko bhi kabhi pyaar tha!!!


This story is a work of pure fiction and does not resemble any person living, dead, or any other fictional character. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. Also, author bears no responsibility for any mental, physical or emotional damage to the readers. Please read at your own risk.

Once upon a historic time, on the planet of Krypton, lived a young prince, ET. By birth, he was gifted with immense talent and supernatural powers. He could jump from one planet to another in minutes; lift the moon on his shoulders and blah blah blah... He was very adventurous, naughty and romantic. ;)

At the age of five, on one of his jumping trips through planets, he happened to pass from the kingdom of Ayogya on planet Earth. There he saw and immediately fell in love with the beautiful princess Juliet, who was the most beautiful of maidens he had ever seen. From then on he spent night and day jumping to Earth to catch a glimpse of Princess Juliet.

Finally, at the age of 15, he managed to gather some courage and approached Juliet and proposed to her. However, to his dismay, Juliet was already in love with her school friend, Ranjha, who was the abandoned son of king of Hasthina. On repeated proposals, Princess Juliet finally said “Next month is my Swayamvar; if you love me you can attend the function. However, you will have to bring along Prince Ranjha with you, as my father is against me marrying him and he was not allowed entry to the ‘Swayamvar auditions’. Only on this condition shall I get you a wild card entry in the competition.” Prince ET immediately agreed thinking he could beat anyone and would eventually win her hand at the competition.

On the D-day, as preplanned, ET reached the Swayamvar with Ranjha and also got him registered for the competition. Also present at the Swayamvar were kings and princes from various kingdoms and countries including King of Lanka, Mogambo.

At the prefixed time, the task of winning the hand of the beautiful princess was announced and it was to hit the bull’s eye with the world’s biggest and heaviest bow and arrow. Makers of the weapon had claimed, and truly so, that no earthling could ever even lift the bow. The only person who could do so had to be an Extra-Terrestrial. One and all tried and failed, including Prince Romeo of Hasthina and King Mogambo, who was successful in lifting the bow but could not lift the arrow. It was now left to the last two contestants – Prince ET and Ranjha. Everyone present at the sets of Swayamvar backed ET to win the competition hands down. However, just before his turn, he received a secret letter from Princess Juliet. Letter said “If you love me, let Ranjha win”. Blinded by love, ET decided to let Ranjha win and the only way that could happen was by default qualification and since all others had already failed, ET decided to break the bow so that he would be disqualified and Ranjha would be declared winner. So, stepping on to the podium, he effortlessly lifted the bow and to make the scene look genuine, in trying to set the arrow on the bow, he broke it from the middle and as expected Ranjha was declared winner of the competition by default and Princess Juliet was happy to see that and they were married off.

Dejected and defeated by love, ET, decided to lead a life of celibacy and retreated to the jungles of Sunderban. However, the secret letter somehow landed in the hands of King Mogambo and he reckoned that Ranjha was not a worthy winner as things were contrived for him to win, and he decided to win back Juliet from him at any cost… (to be continued…)


saptami said...

All my condolances to the readers.

Fully grown fuzzy Hipposaur said...

Up to this point, it's killer!

Subhasree said...

quite post-modern ;)

Sritama said...

hee hee! intertextuality at its funniest! i likes eeeet! :)

Incognito said...

Awesome.. mon bhalo hoy gelo.. waiting for the next installment :)